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We offer several courses with your time in mind, because we know that everyone is busy, so these courses can be taken anywhere, anytime.

Come Play with Me

Only runs once a year

House of Roses Symposium

Become the Eye of Attraction

This is the ultimate symposium for the woman that is wanting to elevate herself and become the avant-gardist of her life and of her industry. Gain knowledge and understanding of power dynamics in order to develop the power of your dark feminine energy through what was learned in The Standard and breathe life into your dreams and into your reality.

Due to the nature of this symposium, you will go through an application process to be considered. We hold a high standard to keeping the sanctity of the energy in this realm to the highest of calibers.


Apply now and if accepted, you will be added to the waitlist and will be notified when it's gates are open.



Working with Domina has helped me understand how to convey my brand through the images I create for my business. To really think about what I want them to "say" about who I am and what I offer through what is felt when my images are experienced by others, thus attracting my desired clients.

Only runs two times a year

The Standard

Reconnect with your Dark Feminine Energy

Congregate with other women and learn what it means to set the standard in your intimate relationships with self, life and business to show you are a woman of high status. Gain knowledge and wisdom through the understanding of yours and human psychology to enter into your dark feminine era.

When you set the standard, you proclaim that you are ready to attract the deepest and healthiest of relationships. In turn, you gain a plethora of influence, and prepare yourself to learn how to yield that power in: The House of Roses.

In this Mistressmind, you will receive challenges to bring forth your eloquence and sophistication, making you remarkably captivating and elevating your status in without effort.

PREREQUISITE: We take our work seriously, therefore, if you decide to come into The Standard, expect a high level of accountability in order to preserve the intimacy of our work.

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I needed Domina's help with my personal branding message because I do several things and I thought I needed to niche down, have a clear message as most of coaches say, so I thought I’d hear something similar, but the conversation went completely in a different direction from my expectations, which I’m fascinated!

In my practices I always work with deep roots and creating lifestyle, Domina showed me that personal branding can be also built on the same concept.

Thank you very much!

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