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Hello Darling, I am Domina Rose.

Be authoritative in business and in life

I am not here to show you the glitz and glamour and show off to you. To show myself off as your guru to look up to. I am here as your guide to your inner wisdom. I will not be sugarcoating anything to you, because darling, if I don't, who will? Our society is full of people who are too scared to give it to you straight, but I am not here for you to like me or love me. I am here to prove your worth to you so that together, we can become unstoppable in this world. Together, we will rise and together we will reach unimaginable heights.

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Together, we will become an unstoppable force...

I know you are in a state where you want more, where you can envision your "more" but are struggling to reach it, because I was you not long ago. I didn't take those big risks, but the moment I decided to do so, true magic, true alchemy began to occur. My clients do not need to work with me, my client's desire to work with me and when they do, they break away from their glass encasements society has placed them in, at exponential rates.

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The importance of finding the right partner

Disclaimer: (formerly Domina Eventúal)

1 year of podcasting: Our move, baby and business

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Gain mental real estate for everyday living

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Become and Authority in Life and Business

If you find yourself struggling to find your voice in today's "saturated" world, let us help you reclaim the power of your voice.

Let's fulfill your fantasies. Ready for your next chapter?

Hundreds of students can’t be wrong

Working with Domina is a gift. She has a soothing and calming energy that makes her a pleasure to work with. She really takes the time to feel the energy and intention of her clients. Her ability to ask the right questions gave me the clarity and confidence to make decisions while supporting me along the way.


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