Unmute me, and feel me...

Refer to me as Domina Rose.

Let's make your brand

a world-class business.

It's not happen-chance that you found me, so a congratulations, is in order. Having found me, I know, something somewhere intrigued you to see what I am about and search deeper. This is why, you are my kind of person. The kind of person that enjoys the thrill of the darkness that this life brings. That, in essence my dear, is the power a brand. Whether it be the aesthetics (initially), the copywriting, etc. the essence of a brand is what seduces your audience, then the value you deliver is what keeps them DEVOTED for more.

If your heart is racing as you read this because YOU TOO yearn to have the same, dark, mysterious and enticing effect with your brand and desire your own devoted followers, you know what YOU need to do...

Together, we shall take over the world.

Here at Riot Branding we take branding seriously because we know that branding will not only build your reputation as a business, it will become your creative outlet to show the world what you're passionate about, all the while presenting yourself unapologetically in the online space. Turn your passion into timeless art that will keep all eyes on YOUR business as the leading expert.

We help you destroy the plethora of useless information about business trends that have kept your business from getting the visibility and equity your business TRULY deserves.

Through the Rose Effect Methodology we craft memorable, powerful, high-end businesses for our clients, just like yours by creating a community of outrageously daring enterprises becoming world-class, as well as a household name...

Start taking notes, because you're about to become someone's fantasy...

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A little about us:

Formerly known as Fearless x Femme, our rebrand came from the NEED of our clients asking to take over their brands, get our hands dirty with them

and sculpt their business into a masterpiece that Michelangelo himself would be jealous of.

Before working with out clients, the common complaint we would hear is that their industries are "saturated" and it's difficult to get visible.

To that we say, "challenge accepted".

We took all the branding know-how we could, applied brand theories, artistry techniques and backed it with psychology and science to ELEVATE the way

WE do business with our clients.

Fearless x Femme was formerly a women's self-defense brand Domina Rose designed and was teaching, but through her work,

more client's became intrigued with her style of designing. She gained increasing interest for her branding work because of the success from her

personal brand.

Today, those same concepts are integrated into the very fibers of what you see today within the Riot Branding brand.

From the inside out, we craft experiences for you in every step of the way YOU experience our business, so we hope you enjoy our darkness,

because we certainly do...

We take pride in the artistry we help our clients develop because it is our firm belief that when you experience the Rose Effect,

your business will never be the same again.

Still not convinced? Perfect, we thought you'd say that...

Hundreds of students can’t be wrong

Working with Riot Branding is a gift. Working with Domina, she has a soothing and calming energy that makes her a pleasure to work with. She really takes the time to feel the energy and intention of her clients. Her ability to ask the right questions gave me the clarity and confidence to make decisions while supporting me along the way.

- Jordana

Make our practice yours.

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Integrate these daily practices with pure intention and learn to alchemize your deepest desires into your reality. Here we break down our most coveted strategies that we implement for our own lives in this complimentary download.

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