How it all began

It began with the injustices made against women to hold their tongue. To be fearful and be voiceless. It all started with one idea...

Our Story

Fearless x Femme Beginnings

We began Fearless x Femme not to build a brand, but to build a movement. Since the personal changes in our CEO's life and her pathway towards fearless pursuits, she knew that she wanted to help other women achieve the same level of intensity, not only in themselves, but in every area of their lives. She is a firm believer that we must create a way for the Omniarchy. Where not one or another sex is superior, but rather, both sexes are equally as powerful, if, we learn to come together. But it all starts with women reclaiming the power that was stripped away from them ages ago.

That is where we step in...

For women in search of their power...

The Avante Garde Symposium was created to show women that it is possible to be unique, to stand out, and to feel the freedom that is to howl against the crowd. This course is to prove that your artistic expression in creation is what makes you shine.

Here we show you how to find your unique power....

Reclaim Your Pussy Power Podcast


This show is to bring up all that we as women have never been taught, what we never felt safe to say, and everything we have been dying to tell. There are no limits to cross here because we cross them all. This is our dominion...come inside.

How to be a feminine stoic in today's society

(Coming soon)

Reclaim your voice in a "saturated market"

(Coming soon)

Seven surprising things nobody tells you about femininity

(Coming soon)

Make your life photographic

In an era where women have been forced into an imbalance of the masculine and feminine energies, it is up to you, now, to mature yourself out of the prison of your wounded masculine and now enter in your healed feminine. Together, we will recreate your life to be a life that is ALWAYS picture perfect. Meaning, that every waking moment will feel as though it's out of every dream you ever dreamt of, thought of or could have imagined. Let's make your life photographic and bring all those ideas, wonders and desires into your new reality.

Let's begin...

Come take a peek: @fearless.x.femme

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