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Find out how Domina created a name for herself in the online space...

Our Founders Story

Domina Rose's Beginnings

Domina Rose is the LEADER when it comes to personal branding. Knowing how to make a statement anywhere she goes, she paved her way in her early high school years. Always setting trends and NEVER following the crowd, she KNEW that her hate for societal norms would isolate her from it, but she wore it as a badge of honor.

Switching high schools 3x, what really made her stand out was her creative expression. Always being true to her art, it gravitated others to desire to find out more about her.

Like layers on a red onion (her particularly favorite type of onion), those around her always wanted to know more. As an entrepreneur, she harnessed the skills she learned in her younger years to intentionally go from a strong personal brand to a strong business brand, applying all the strategies she learned while on her trajectory of building herself, to know having a incredibly successful business where clients come to her wanting to gain the same level of traction she has created for herself.

Peeling back layer after layer, she is complex, creative, artistic and aims her mission to build world-class brands that stand out in an age where everything is cookie cutter, her brands she helps create with her clients become KNOWN as the leaders.

You will find that all her work is creative, it's daring, it's bold, and at times a little RISQUE! That is because she isn't scared of challenging the norm. In fact, she is a thrill-seeker in that way! She pushes boundaries in ways that no one else is willing to, so that she can pave the way for you to experience the same SUCCESS she has with her DARING moves.

When she created Riot Branding, it was exactly for that reason.

To use methods that no one has considered. To incorporate strategies that are yet to be found.

Because she is very well-versed in psychology, thermodynamics, and branding, she interweaves each of these methodologies to create: THE ROSE EFFECT

Finding areas that make you shine, is her calling and her gift.

She does not disappoint when it comes to leaving an impact...just ask her clients...

Because her philosophy is that NO ONE should be coddled, but given the tools and skills necessary to create anything they want to create and knowing EXACTLY how!

For women in search of their power...

The Avant Garde Symposium was created to show women what it means to own your uniqueness, your dark femininity, create and destroy at will and feel the freedom that is to be the PUNK in a world full of GOOD GIRLS. Because who ever remembers the good girl? This course is to prove that your "ALTERNATIVE" attitude is JUST what this world NEEDS.

Reclaim Your Pussy Power Podcast


This show is to bring up all that we as women have never been taught, what we never felt safe to say, and everything we have been dying to tell. There are no limits to cross here because we cross them all. This is our dominion...come inside.

How to be a feminine stoic in today's society

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Seven surprising things nobody tells you about femininity

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Reclaim your voice in a "saturated market"

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