Receive your standing ovation...take what you know and make it your MASTERPIECE.

A little about Domina's Style

Engage with her, receive her guidance, and get inspired to achieve more than ever before...

1:1 Premier Strategizing

Investment: $70k

Together, let's play with your subconscious and create (what you thought was only possible in films) your vision, step-by-step.

Working privately with Domina and her methodology, she will show you how to HACK your subconscious so you are able to INTENTIONALLY set a goal and achieve it with EASE so that you gain the expertise necessary to become an unstoppable, and have an impenetrable wall to protect your vision and achieve at all costs.

(While she does not do coaching, she strategizes with you so you have the tools and skills to walk away with and get results faster than ever before)

Private Membership


Contingent on Membership

**Current promotion: ranging from $37-$111**

When you enter into any of our Mistressminds, (Domina is known for altering the traditional mastermind, you will be welcomed by highly driven, highly ambitious women) you enter into a space unlike any other. Enter to gain decades of knowledge and wisdom found through science and application.

These groups were designed to create sisterhood, a blood covenant, that will destroy the lies you've been taught about sisterhood and in turn, push your boundaries to do more, be more and achieve more with your sisters beside you.

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Love letters from my clients...

Domina helped me change my perspective in terms of my brokenness. When I took the initial step, I found myself being open and vulnerable again instead of guarded. I’ve seen numerous mental wellness professionals over the last seven years and none of them reached the core of the issue. All it takes is one person and Domina was that individual for me.

I am so honored that I got the chance to work with Domina. She has been able to open my eyes to the blocks that are in my mindset and so efficiently and effectively was able to unblock those mindset blocks and because of it I am thriving! Thank you Domina for everything, my life is forever changed with you in it.

Working with Domina really helped change my mindset! She is great at what she does in helping guide her clients achieve ultimate success. Thanks you so much for helping me become the person I wanted to be.

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